Should your AI and human employee policies be consistent?

Mathematically encoded self-governance methods may ease executive duties in an increasingly autonomous environment
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Benefits of the Tevoro Methodology

Self-governance in an AI world


Our training is focused on methods of encoding accountability in semi-autonomous systems.

Mathematically Based

Use our methodology to mathematically capture the rigor of text-based policies and procedures in mathematical patterns.

Self-governance Oversight

Online training to uncover combinatorial patterns which may be embedded in text-based policy and procedure documents.

Our courses

It is Tevoro Corp's premise, that our approach to self-governance and oversight should become the de facto management method as companies become more autonomous.
— Dawn Talbot, President, Tevoro Corp

Benefits from our courses

Tevoro's approach may be of assistance to anyone in charge of oversight, including Boards of Directors, Auditors, Attorneys, Executives, Regulators, Legislators, Compliance Professionals, Employees and Consumers. 
The Tevoro methodology formalizes a method for self-governance by mathematical encoding. It allows both AI and humans to operate by the same guidelines.
Our methods give the potential to close loopholes in many regulatory and legislative efforts targeting human behaviour but ignoring the conduct of algorithmic employees.
This approach is applicable to any company that wants to raise the bar on corporate oversight. In some cases, such as our case study on the IPO process, may be quantum compatible.